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Nate Jameson -Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery LLC, Florida

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Brite Leaf Citrus Nursery, LLC was established in 1998.  We are a first-generation business with 18 full time employees.  The nursery started as a supplier to citrus growers in Florida providing trees for new plantings as well as reset plantings, primarily for juice industry, but we also grow trees for the fresh fruit industry.  The nursery started as a containerized production system in hoop type greenhouses.

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AAron Dillon-Four Winds Growers, Watsonville, CA


Four Wind Growers is a four-generation old family-owned citrus nursery based in Watsonville, California, with additional growing grounds in winters, CA. In 1946, a curious soon-to-be nurseryman named Floyd Dillon decided to develop a California version of the dwarf apple and pear, and chose citrus. Floyd learned that researchers at UCLA and UC Riverside were already experimenting with new varieties and different rootstock-scion combinations to improve disease resistance, production, control tree size or modify other characteristics. Dr. Bill Bitters and other citrus researchers worked with Floyd to create dwarf trees that had attractive foliage and tasty fruit. After several years of experimentation, Floyd founded Four Winds Growers.

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