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NCPN Citrus
NCPN Citrus
NCPN Citrus
University of California
NCPN Citrus

About the National Clean Plant Citrus Network

Our Promise

  • Continue to improve and enhance the current procedures for introducing and releasing citrus varieties from foreign and domestic sources
  • Establish, maintain, and upgrade the foundation blocks of pathogen-tested germplasm in order to provide clean propagative material to the industry
  • Maintain working relationships with other international and national certification programs to facilitate the movement of germplasm within the nursery system
  • Develop and promote best management practices for the use by the citrus nursery industry to enable them to maintain pathogen-tested citrus propagative material free of potential contamination
  • Develop and utilize all possible education and outreach resources to educate and train key industry and public stakeholders to ensure the successful dissemination and use of NCPN-Citrus products and services
  • Provide a forum for discussion of enhancement of the systems approach to the distribution of nursery stock and the safe and efficient exchange and introduction of the new varieties and rootstocks

The overall mission of the NCPN Citrus is to provide a reliable source of high-quality asexually propagated citrus propagative material to the citrus nursery industry and researchers that is free of graft-transmissible pathogens, ensuring that the U.S. citrus industry remains globally competitive.

What We Do

  • Provide for the introduction of citrus varieties under quarantine to prevent the accidental introduction of exotic diseases of citrus
  • Test citrus germplasm for graft-transmissible pathogens
  • Eliminate pathogens from infected material through thermal therapy and/or shoot tip grafting
  • Establish and maintain pathogen-tested foundation blocks for future use and release
  • Develop outreach programs to educate and train industry personnel and the public on the importance of using pathogen-tested materials
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